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parivrtta janu sirsasanaMindfulness Yoga is an approach to yoga that incorporates meditation, posture work and mindfulness skills. It incorporates both ancient and modern methods. The roots of the Bodhiyoga school are firmly established in the Buddhist teaching deriving inspiration and guidance from traditional and modern teachings on mindfulness. We are offering a 200 and 500 hours training built around yoga and meditation retreats in Scotland and Spain.

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Mindfulness is a way or approach to life that is highly practical and does not require belief in something. It gives you a chance to live in a mode more satisfactory and more whole, more positive and with greater clarity. It brings purpose to our actions and our lives. In action it is the discipline of being aware of what we are doing, how we are doing it and why. It is a way of living that is transformative.

Mindfulness yoga is not just a technique but a way of being that involves presence of mind and responsiveness in our moment to moment lives. Mindfulness Yoga is a tool or a means of helping to develop this quality of being in everyday life. Mindfulness gives us perspective, creates calm and aleviate stress, bring us into more harmonious relationship with people and shows us how to live in harmony with our environment. But this is not all. Mindfulness also has the capacity to transform consciousness. This is the deeper implication of practising awareness or mindfulness.

This approach to practice is simple, effective, contemplative and safe. Mindfulness Yoga can be taught to people of all ages, backgrounds and experience. Training as a Bodhiyoga Mindfulness Yoga teacher will give you the skills to tranform your life and those of others.

Here you have two short "Why train with Bodhiyoga?" from Stefanie (above) who lives and works in Switzerland and Siddhisvari (below), who lives and works in Barcelona, both of whom trained with us July 2015.