200 hours Foundation Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training course (Module 1)

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1 - 22 June 2018

Our 200 hour teacher training establishes you in a clear and firm grounding in Mindfulness yoga.

You will gain a working knowledge of:-

  • How to teach a comprehensive range of yoga postures
  • How to sequence classes
  • Background in anatomy and physiology
  • Structural alignment - how to assess your students
  • Basic kriyas, breath-work and pranayamas
  • Teaching methods
  • How to apply Mindfulness to yoga postures
  • Develop and teach meditation
  • Studies of key Buddhist texts on awareness and loving-kindness
  • How to set up as a teacher 

Suryavana Retreat Centre

This is the retreat centre associated with the Valencia Buddhist Centre, a space dedicated exclusively to meditation and Dharma practice. A country house up in the hills some 60 km to the North West of Valencia. It is situated in a delightfully hidden corner, surrounded by arable olive and almond trees as well as pine and oak woodlands. Much love and care goes into creating an ideal place to practice.

Bodhiyoga also offers a 500 hours training here in Suryavana,  open to any 200 hour trained teacher, forming part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as a yoga teacher.

Other one week retreats and courses are organised here as well as at Dhanakosa in Scotland, and other venues like Abhayaloka in Finland, Dharmagiri in Sweden or workshops in London, Brighton and elsewhere.


Pre-course material and training

Download our pre-course material from this link. 

Read through this material carefully and you can to see in more detail what we offer and see if this yoga teacher training is for you?
We offer a Mindfulness based approach to Hatha yoga, firmly based in the Buddhist Mindfulness teachings and Contemporary Hatha yoga practices emphasizing technically skilful and safe posture work. Once you have read through the material, we can then arrange a meeting via Skype or Facetime to help clear up any questions. Ideally you would attend a workshop or retreat with us before the teacher training to get to know us and how we teach.


Splitting the 200 hour teacher training in two parts

For various reasaons some students find it difficult to get away for three weeks continuously. To make our course accesible we offer the course as two weeks training, combined with the third week of Teaching Practice the following year.
The teacher training would be spread over a year with coursework happening between trainings. 
The dates run
Part One 1-15 June 2018 ( 14 days)
Part Two 14 -21 June 2019 (7 days)
Please contact if this format works for you.