200 hours Foundation Yoga Teacher Training course (Module 1)


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7 - 28 September 2014

La Artiga is a country house up in the hills just within the province of Teruel, some 85 km to the North West of Valencia.

It is situated in a delightfully hidden hamlet in the valley of Olba, surrounded by lush pine and oak forests with the River Mijares running nearby, some 20 minutes walk away, ideal for a cool bath in the afternoons.

Because of its height, the region stays relatively cool and at night one can sleep comfortably.

La Artiga is the venue of the 21 days Module 1 Foundation Course which forms the 200 hour basis of the Bodhiyoga teacher training programme.

The twelve day Module 2 is also run in La Artiga. Other one week retreats and courses are organised in Sacarest, near Alicante, at Dhanakosa in Scotland, as well as other venues like Kabak in southern Turkey.

About the 21 day Foundation course

The Module 1 training forms the heart of the Bodhiyoga teacher teaching programme and we will establish a steady rhythm of study, classes, practice and rest over the course of the three weeks. For a fully comprehensive presentation of the teaching programme look at the detailed syllabus link.

The Foundation course is designed to establish any serious practitioner and teacher in the Bodhiyoga principles and practices of meditation, classical hatha yoga and study of some key Buddhist teachings.

The course unfolds in three phases.

  • The first week, establishing students in their meditation and yoga pracitice, 
  • the second, we explore the key teachings around mindfulness and
  • the third, exploring teachings around lovingkindness.

shrine/practice roomSudaka and Sadhita alternate leading the morning sessions, taking students through a variety of posture practice sequences; dividing postures into 11 major groups; 

Group 0. Gentle supine floor postures / leg stretches

Group 1. Surya Namaskar - Sun salutations, heat building dynamic sequences

Group 2. Standing postures

Group 3. Forward bends / folds

Group 4. Supine core strengthening,

Group 5. Rotations, twists

Group 6. Back-bends

Group 7. Inversions, shoulder stand and headstand

Group 8. Savasana - relaxation techniques

Group 9. Lateral movements

Group 10. Arm, shoulder and upper body-work

Each week includes a Restorative/Yin/Slow yoga session. 

la artigaIn the second and third week there is directed study and practical application of the key mindfulness and lovingkindness teachings of Buddhism, which underpin the spiritual orientation of Bodhiyoga teacher training. We use "Living with Awareness" and "Living with Kindness" texts by Sangarakshita to draw out these teachings.

Sadhita leads a comprehensive introduction to Anatomy and Physiology useful to yoga practitioners and teachers over six sessions.

Every afternoon, time is dedicated to analyses and teaching methodology of the poses practiced in the morning sequence, giving plenty of opportunity to clarify and begin to master the core postures of the Bodhiyoga repertoire and how to communicate them to others.

The evening sessions are talks of a more inspirational nature exploring meditation, the yoga tradition and yogic lifestyle as well as some Question & Answer periods.

Time off

Every afternoon there is a couple hours to take a rest or walk in the local area and take a dip in the nearby river which has a delightful bathing pool. We finish the last evening activity around 21.30 giving plenty of time for you to relax and wind down. Every week we practice a Restorative/Slow yoga sequence adding to the richness of the learning experience as well as resting the body.

We have programmed in two days off over the 3 weeks. These are completely free days with no obligations. Students can take time out from the programme and we organise trips out to nearby villages. Olba is 9 km away walking along the river.


Accomodation and food

All meals will be provided; breakfast, morning tea-break, lunch, afternoon tea and evening meal. Food will be lacto-ovo-vegetarian with vegan option. There is a spacious dining area and we will often take dinner "al fresco" as this time of year it is very comfortable to be outside.

Fruit and vegetables are sourced as locally as possible and cooking is all done at home.

Participants help with washing-up dishes and general tidiness of their own quarters, though general cleaning and organising is done by the support team. Washing machines are available for doing laundry.

There are various well furnished double and single rooms. Single occupancy is limited and we will charge a little extra for this. Bathrooms with showers are distributed throughout the premises.

Please let us know what your preferences are early if you wish single occupancy only.


Course Programme

7.00 Rise
7.30 Meditation & yoga practice
10.00 Breakfast
11.30 Classes 1 & 2
14.30 Lunch
17.00 Teaching practice 
18.00 Class 3
20.00 Evening meal
21.00 Evening session

Directions to La Artiga

La Artiga is a small hamlet in the valley of Olba. We are organising a minibus/taxi pick-up from Valencia (Torres de Serranos) for 18.00h on the first Sunday of the course. It is however possible to travel up to Olba, if you wish to visit the area for a few days before the course on public transport. We will drop you back in Valencia for 12.00h on the last Sunday of the course. The address of La Artiga is below. They have their own website for more photos. www.teruelcasarural.com

Casa La Artiga
44479 Olba

From Alicante airport 

You need to take the train (2 hours) or bus (3 hours) to Valencia for the minibus/taxi pick up.

From Valencia airport

Take the Metro into town for the pick up rendezvous. Valencia is well worth a visit and we can recommend places to stay and to eat!

Please check your arrival and departure times in relation to the pick up and drop down.

Booking and paymentla artiga

Places are limited to 12 to secure a intimate and effective learning environment and plenty of teacher/student contact. 

Cost of the 200 hour Foundation course;

  • 2600 euros (standard fee with double occupancy room)
  • 2900 euros (single occupancy room)
  • 2400 euros (for non-European participants, Americas, Turkey, Asia, Australia e.t.c.)

This includes all tuition, course handbook and materials, accomodation and all meals and snacks.

Also, importantly, we are offering a discount of 200 euros for any participants travelling from outside the European area to help them to cover the cost of travelling from their country. 

To book click through to the details at the bottom of the Dates and prices page.


What to bring

  • yoga mat
  • light comfortable clothing for yoga practice
  • swimming costume
  • towel
  • bathroom things
  • head lamp or torch
  • sturdy shoes or boots
  • sun protection and sun creams
  • plenty of notebooks
  • some clothing to cover up at night
  • any essential medicines
la artiga


"I can't quite believe how much I have learnt in three weeks. The depth of teaching is so valuable in terms of yoga practice and also unexpectedly inspiring a transformative for life in general. The course was challenging, however, there was a thread of deep intention that was apparent throughout the retreat." - Angela McHugh, Edinburgh, Scotland

"Coming on the Bodhiyoga Teacher Training is like doing yoga for the first time – really doing yoga, with my body and mind. I have found the course to be a journey of exploration and discovery, intensive learning and practice and I am leaving confident in my practice, motivated and inspired."- Holly Murray, London, U.K.

"I feel like I have gained a much deeper understanding of yoga then I thought possible. A way to approach yoga with mindfulness, that not only gives it more meaning, but also brings an awareness to the links between the body, mind and emotions that will be invaluable to explore in my own practice and in teaching others." - Lizzie Oh, Tasmania, Australia

"Sudaka and Sadhita enthusiasm and commitment to their own journeys really shines through in their teaching. The bringing together of the yoga and Dharma teaching is very effective, and the two elements complement one another well. I'm astonished at how much I've learned in the three weeks, and feel well equipped to start teaching." - Katherine Attwood, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.

"Bodhiyoga teacher training weaves together the principles of Buddhism with an integrated and intelligent approach to Hatha Yoga. Students learn to understand and later embody what it is to teach awareness via the route of yoga and meditation. I left the course having deepened my mindfulness practice along with a foundation in Buddhist Dharma, and well rounded yoga practice, leaving me inspired to go out and teach." - Jackie Albert, Valencia

"Sadhita and Sudaka are inspiring teachers and they have created a teacher training which is really valuable. Buddhism, mindfulness and yoga together offers lots of tools to help you grow spiritually. In three weeks I learned such a lot about myself, yoga, buddhism, mindfulness and much more. As a yoga teacher, I feel confident and ready to take my first steps in teaching and I am inspired to learn more on my Buddhist path." - Saija Taivalmaki, Finland

tina-jackie-by-the-river"I was very lucky to be invited back on this course as organiser-assistant-porridge maker. It was a great opportunity to go over some of the material again and it has sunk into a deeper level. The course really is unique. Everyone has undergone a transformation, on both a physical and mental level over the last three weeks and has emerged as very centred yoga teachers. The combination of yoga practice and meditation everyday with healthy food, living in nature and living in a community has given rise to very positive states of mind. Each person has blossomed more into themselves, has connected to each other in an authentic way. The material of the course covers all the stuff a yoga teacher has to know with the self-study papers an added addition to help you consolidate the info. I feel stronger in my physical body and very present. It's been a very pleasurable course with fantastic teachers, a lovely bunch of students and the location is stunning in the middle of the Spanish countryside in a spacious “hacienda”. Highly recommended." - Tina McCallan, London / Spain / Turkey

"The Bodhiyoga Teacher Training course was exactly what I was looking for, even though I didn't know. The teaching was generous and challenging. I learnt so much about myself. I feel like a totally different person after three weeks. I've gained confidence in my yoga knowledge and I'm ready to begin my new career as a Bodhiyoga teacher. A heartfelt thanks and tremendous gratitude to Sadhita and Sudaka for creating and sharing this remarkable gift." - Sunil Patel, Woodland, Victoria, Australia

"The Bodhiyoga TTC offers a beautifully thought out integration of yoga and Buddhism. I had spent many years unknowingly looking for this course, and these teachers Sudaka and Sadhita. Having just finished it, I can describe it as comprehensive, hard-work, inspriational and transformative. Sudaka and Sadhita are teachers with integrity who encompass that which they teach; this is their vocation. I feel very fortuante to have done this course and feel ready to teach Buddhism-inpired yoga." - Kate Marks, Liverpool, U.K.

"Bodhiyoga is the most valuable teacher training, weaving together mindfully the Buddha's teachings, yoga asana, and meditation. Sadhita and Sudaka's wisdom and knowledge are a true gift to any aspiring yogi. I am truly honoured to have studied with Bodhiyoga and feel confident as a yoga teacher and having a deeper committment to meditation practice. So much thanks and gratitude for this transformational insightful training" - Nancy Schneider, Montana, U.S.A