Why and how to train with Bodhiyoga International?

how to train with Bodhiyoga?

Our course trains confident and knowledgeable yoga teachers. We draw on the inspiration and wisdom of Buddhist teachings (Dharma) which informs our approach to mindfulness yoga.

We offer four levels of training;

  1. Introductory level retreats for all levels of expeirence based on the Dana, voluntary contribution basis in Scotland and Spain. 
  2. The 200 hour training gives you a foundation in yoga postures and practice, Buddhist meditation and sets you up as a teacher. We introduce contemporary as well as traditional approaches to Mindfulness. 
  3. The 500 hour training includes working with specific musculoskeletal problems in your classes, meditation training as taught in the Buddhist tradition and an extensive training in comtemporary secular Mindfulness methods.
  4. Advanced Mindfulness training. Post training apprenticeships assisting our open retreats, teacher trainings and courses.

Our training offers a practical vehicle for spiritual transformation. We are principally concerned in providing conditions for the development and deepening of greater awareness, confidence and self-discovery.

Our unique teaching method draws on our extensive yoga and meditation experience. We emphasise the cultivation of mindfulness (sati) or awareness through hatha yoga and meditation practices.

The teacher training Modules Foundation and Advanced located in Spain are run with a limited number of participants to facilitate an intimate and effective learning environment, with plenty of contact between students and teachers.