Mid-Winter Letter from Sudaka

Greetings from us Sadhita and Sudaka. A little news from us

We are both in Winter mode here in Valencia.
Sadhita. Speaking for my good friend Sadhita. I don't see him as much as I would like these days, though this looks like it will change!
He had the good opportunity to go on retreat with the venerable Analayo (of the well known commentary on the Satipatthana Sutta) in Portugal over the New Year.
Sadhita has recently (September 2018) taken on running the Valencia Buddhist's Centre new retreat centre Suryavana, which is proving to a big challenge for all, as one would expect with any new project.
We can say that Suryavana is in its infancy, bursting with so much potential. We are planning to run the majority of our Yoga retreats and trainings at this new venue. Having now two years experience of using the place, it is perfect for our needs. It is near to Valencia which makes logistics easy, spacious and surrounded by wonderful gentle countryside. It is only an hour from Valencia and readily accessible  perhaps most importantly it is a place dedicated exclusively to spiritual practice and run by our Buddhist Order. Already it has the "vibe" of a Buddhist retreat Centre.
This is great news for everyone, as when you come on retreat or train with us you step into an existing vibrant practice atmosphere, prospitious to go deeper and fuller into your own practice.  
Speaking for myself . This autumn and now into Winter, I am helping facilitate a change of leadership in the Buddhist Centre as well as teach a regular round of classes and courses. My week  to week routine in Valencia is very much marked by having small children and the "school run". I am still adapting to life as "papi" 3 or 4 years down the line. My intention is to keep supporting the Valencia Buddhist community as much as is possible offering my skills and experience.
Living and working around other practitioners clearly keeps me plugged into my own practice. Fortunately over the end of year I had some quiet time up in the hills near to Suryavana. 
A part from teaching meditation and Dharma courses, I teach Traditional Thai massage courses and have been focusing my yoga teaching on a six week Yin Yoga course which I will be offering as an intensive weekend event at the end of March. Locally I am teaching in Spanish of course. We do offer some events bilingual, 
Take a look at our programme for 2019. We offer substantial early booking discounts if you book 90 days before our events!
These discounts will cover most of the costs of your travel.
NB if you are interested in helping out or supporting the Suryavana retreat centre project please get in touch with myself or better Sadhita. http://www.suryavana.es
all the best Sudaka