Remedial Yoga and Applied Mindfulness Teacher Training with us at Suryavana

Our module II advanced teacher training began about 6 years ago out of a desire to help teachers see and work with potential problem areas with their students. These typical maladies are things such as back problems, knee problems, shoulder problems neck problems and poor posture. Our work grew out of an observed need to give teachers these key skills to help them be more confident and effective teachers in the classroom and one to one.  

"So you get your class full of students, you have your plan ready and then suddenly you find out that several students have back injuries or problems related to arthritis or they suffer persistent headaches. What to do? Firstly, you don't step outside of your area of training or give advice. Often we muddle through perhaps adapting a few poses but not really being aware of quite how to deal with the situation. Our nice plan for a our general class then ends up being a cause of anxiety because we aren't sure what to do. Better to be a bit more informed and learn some new skills that can help you." -Sadhita, course facilitator BODHIYOGA International

The Bodhiyoga module II takes you into specialised areas that show you how to make the class suitable, give postures that are appropriate and train you in sequences specifically for a range of medical and structural issues that typically crop up in a yoga situation. But not only that. The training is underpinned with the philosophy of traditional mindfulness teaching from Buddhism that helps people to change the way they deal with their issues by learning to unhook reactions from painful sensations for example, as one approach to mindfulness training. Therefore this training is an excellent all round mind body development that works to heal the body and re-route the mind into more creative ways of working with emotions and the mind. 

On the training you'll learn to:

  • Work intelligently with our yoga sequences designed for particular conditions and joint issues
  • Develop a practice of meditation based in mindfulness from the buddhist tradition, skills that are indispensable for a developing practice in this course
  • Design your own classes for these problems once that you are familiar with the issues and principles of working with pain problems
  • Work one to one with clients outside of general yoga classes.

You'll receive as part of the training:

  •  All accommodation, food and tuition in the price
  • Course manual
  • Chance for feedback from peers and teachers
  • Opportunities to come back and support BY teachers on other trainings to help out and get free chance to re-take some classes in exchange for work

We also run the foundation level I 200hrs teacher training each year (this year in September, in Suryavana near Valencia). An excellent foundation in teacher training that will help launch you into the world of professional Mindful yoga teaching. 

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all the best Bodhiyoga team

Cost: £ 950 (£850 if booked 90 days before)