Soon to offer 8th edition of the Mindfulness Yoga teacher training for 200 hours Certification

Bodhiyoga is offering another year of retreats and teacher trainings to help you launch your career as a Mindfulness yoga teacher or simply enjoy the stillness of a retreat. 

Your training is important to us and we know you want the best from your time on a course. Therefore we run small courses giving you the opportunity to receive close attention from us helping you to learn at your pace and level. 

About the 200 hrs training

Our course is comprehensive. You'll leave not only having substantially deepend your own practice but also with a large teaching tool-kit that will provide you with skills and knowledge to teach the public the invaluable path of yoga practice. At the end of the day students go to yoga classes to learn new skills in life, to manage stress, become supple and strong or improve concentration and ease in the mind and body. There are innumerable reasons why students take up yoga.


We are the leading teacher training programme in Mindfulness yoga having trained and worked with hundreds of students during more than eleven years. We know our work and we want to help you discover yours as a yoga teacher.

Our retreats and formal trainings are suitable for anyone that wants to deepen their own practice experience but will leave you with all that you need to teach when you are ready.

Facts about the course:

1. We start early and work for around 10 hours a day first of all practising and later studying. The course is intense but enjoyable

2. We are accredited by the IYN (Independent Yoga Network) not YA (Yoga Alliance). They offer annual conferences and keep you updated on developments in the yoga world

3. When you leave you will continue to work on your course material and teaching practice. You have opportunities for contact with other BY teachers and us post training hours.

4. Bodhiyoga is a genuine Mindfulness training programme and the teachers have over 50 years accumulated experience between them in practice of mindfulness, meditation and yoga
5. Buddhist teachings inform our practice and teaching but anyone can do the training

We hope to see you soon. Book before the summer to receive a substantial discount.